Amplify Frontline Innovation

Empower your employees to turn their first-hand experiences into impactful, real-world innovations.

Don’t Just Generate Ideas—Implement Them.

HelloIgnite connects Frontline Innovation to Corporate Innovation through tried and true strategies delivered on an enterprise-grade, customizable innovation platform. Efficiently catalog ideas, focus on the best, and build the business cases required to turn ideas into initiatives that drive  impact.

From Ideas to Initiative

Don’t stop at idea generation and prioritization, turn your ideas into initiatives that move the needle.

Perfectly Tailored

Your business is unique. Your crowdsourcing tool should be too. Everything from the look and feel of your challenge sites to the process used to gather ideas can be customized to fit you.

Strategy Included

You’ll have access to your own innovation strategist who will help you make the most of the platform, amplify your employee engagement, and turn ideas into active initiatives.

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Trusted by Workplaces Across the World

"HelloIgnite is a like a swiss army knife of innovation. Their customer service and collaboration is second to none. If your job involves collecting ideas and you want to actually focus on accelerating those ideas, this is the platform for you."

SVP, innovation

“From one program, we managed hundreds of ideas into multiple initiatives that turned into 2 commercialized products opportunities. This tool helped engage thousands of employees and identify the most promising opportunities.”

head of insights