Champions of
Employee Innovation

We’ve seen firsthand the difficulties of trying to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Outdated collaboration software and processes make this an impossible challenge. So we developed HelloIgnite—the platform designed to make crowd collaboration a better experience for all.


Forsta Acquires Crowdsourcing and Innovation Platform HelloIgnite

Brainstorming session

Decades of Innovation Experience & Collaboration Leadership

Our founders cut their teeth in Fortune 100 companies. It was through their experience they saw an opportunity to use technology to improve collaboration and the “idea to initiative” process. HelloIgnite is the result of their decades of experience and dedication to supporting organizations in their growth. Our founders now serve as innovation coaches, leading businesses through idea generation, idea management and business case development.

Frontline innovation

Focusing On the Frontline First

Those on the frontline—nurses, servers, stockers and beyond—see firsthand the trials and triumphs of your organization. And it’s often their ideas that truly move the needle. Our platform was designed for frontline innovation, offering simple features that improve usability in the field such as a mobile-friendly design and a clean interface.

Our Company Values

At HelloIgnite, it’s our goal to make the process of turning brilliant ideas into initiatives simple. We make it happen by keeping our values top of mind in all that we do.

Brilliant Simplicity

No matter how complex our tech is, it should always feel easy to use. And no matter how complex the issue is, our solution shouldn’t be.

Need Drives Us

Sometimes what stands in the way, is the way. Our customers’ needs inspire us to innovate and create tailored solutions—giving you everything you need, but nothing you don’t.

Be True Partners

We believe in taking the time to understand our customers. Whether you guidance, education, support or positivity, we are in it until you don't need us to be.

Every Voice Counts

We believe in listening, but sometimes listening isn’t enough. We seek out and encourage all voices to speak up and be heard.

Be Nimble, Be Quick

The more agile we are, the better we can support and solve. Moving swiftly on our end means getting to a faster resolution on the customer’s end.

Be People, Not Robots

We’re a company of people, not algorithms. We run on heart, caffeine and the occasional compliment. And we promise a real live person will always be available to help you.