Moving Beyond Idea Collection

Many G2000 organizations have implemented some form of idea collection technology. However, most of these efforts stop at idea collection and end in an underperforming program that doesn’t drive meaningful impact or engagement.

At HelloIgnite, we drive Frontline Innovation™.  This is the practice of giving all employees a voice and the opportunity to turn their first-hand experiences into real-world innovations. It requires a dedicated focus on results while addressing the common roadblocks that stifle inclusive innovation.  

Common roadblocks to Frontline Innovation include:

  • Capacity constrained centralized teams
  • Biased engagement methods
  • Lack of executive support and business alignment
  • Sole focus on big, H3, ideas
  • Lack of tools to manage large numbers of ideas

The best programs focus on integrating their specific business case KPIs into their program and support ideation from concept to business case to implementation—at scale. As part of an overall innovation strategy, Frontline Innovation can truly drive inclusive impact.

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