Easily develop detailed business cases

Successfully turn
ideas into initiatives.

The best ideas will have a positive impact on your business. To determine that impact, each idea will require a business case. Using the HelloIgnite platform, you can scale business case development to help you find the right opportunities.

IdeaBuildr feature to develop business case

Tailored Business Case Development

HelloIgnite helps your frontline innovators to round out their ideas into robust business cases. As a result, you can assess more ideas faster.

Every company is unique and so are their investment criteria. With HelloIgnite, you can turn your criteria into a tailored program to help employees grow their ideas into investable opportunities. The result? A more robust portfolio and improved employee engagement.

Screen showing built in educational information

Project-Based Learning

HelloIgnite helps your team gain the necessary skills to build solid business cases while advancing their ideas. Plus, your team can collaborate with new teammates and gain access to rewarding growth opportunities.

Tools to help align ideas with stakeholder needs

Stakeholder Alignment

The best ideas need the right champions. Through thoughtful, strategic programming, employees learn to find the right business stakeholders while building upon their innovative ideas. It’s a win-win opportunity for all.

Tools to help launch innovative ideas

Launch Initiatives

After finding an incredible idea with a business case to prove it, our innovation coaches are here to help you transform that idea into an initiative and release it into the wild. We have a proven track record of success and are here to support you as you move forward.