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Idea Generation & Collaboration.

Successful businesses run on lightbulb moments. But generating and organizing these ideas and then making moves can be a challenge with distributed teams. HelloIgnite helps you to easily launch tailored challenge websites to collect your team’s brilliant ideas in an organized and flexible environment. It’s the only solution needed to take you from ideation to initiative.

Screen showing a custom idea challenge site

Launch Custom Challenge Sites

Challenge sites are easy to use and the perfect place for your frontline employees to share their own ideas and help rank ideas already in the pipeline. Make the challenge site your own with custom content pages and tailored web pages. Plus, you can customize your challenge site to match your unique brand.

A tablet showing idea collection screen from software

Collect Ideas From Your Crowds

Using the simple web app, you can quickly invite your frontline teams and crowds to participate and contribute ideas. Challenges can be open to all or invite-only, depending on your needs. Submission forms can be fully customized so you get the key information you need to move ideas forward.

Showing idea voting system

Collaborate and Refine Ideas

HelloIgnite was built for collaboration. The app enables you to work with your teams and subject experts to refine ideas at scale to make better, more informed decisions. For all ideas, HelloIgnite makes it easy to gather measurable feedback through ranking, comments, discussions and more. It’s easy to upload images and attachments to refine ideas and easily share them with others.

  • Gather measurable feedback
  • Unlimited additional forms
  • PairMatrix voting
  • Commenting with integrated email communications
  • Easily share submissions with others
  • Upload attachments and images
  • Build teams and collaborate on submissions
  • And more...

All-in-One Idea Generation & Collaboration Solutions

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Mobile Friendly

Your frontline teams should be able to share their ideas from anywhere at any time, whether they’re on the hospital floor or placing grocery items on shelves. Our mobile-friendly platform delivers.

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Multilingual Support

Every voice counts, from the frontline to the C-suite. That’s why HelloIgnite offers multilingual support based on the needs of your team, including languages read right to left and left to right.

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GDPR and Cookie Support

Personal data should be protected. Our platform is GDPR-compliant and allows for customized adherence to your organization’s cookie and privacy policies.

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Flexible Challenges or Always-On

Need to focus on the ideas you have in your pipeline? Stop the challenge. Want to provide an environment of constant ideation? Keep your challenges set to always-on. Our platform is flexible.

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Authentication and Data Security

Our platform includes all the security features you need to protect your ideas and those who share them, including authentication, data leak protection, encryption and more.

Your Complete Ideation Solution

HelloIgnite doesn’t stop at idea generation. From initial input to initiative and real-time analytics, our platform offers a full suite of tools and coaching to help you make the most of every single idea.

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