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Innovate at Scale and Uncover the Gems.

Selecting ideas worthy of becoming initiatives can be an overwhelming process, especially with potentially hundreds to sift through at any given moment. That’s where HelloIgnite steps in. Through our idea management platform, you can easily review, evaluate and organize your team’s ideas using custom workflows, evaluation tools, fully-integrated reporting and more.

Custom idea management workflow

Custom Idea Management Workflows

While other idea management software are restrictive, HelloIgnite can be 100% custom-tailored to fit you. Not only can you customize the look and feel of your idea challenge sites, but you can also customize your workflows with custom stage-gating and other features, including:

  • Automated form and stage-based notifications
  • Auto-graduation based on form and submission data
  • Integrated stage-reporting
  • Integrated sentiment analysis for flagging submissions
  • Automated communications for the management team
Idea review, evaluation and reporting tools shown on tablet

Review, Evaluation & Reporting

HelloIgnite's PairMatrix feature provides multidimensional crowd-based idea ranking, an effective tool to quickly rank information based on feedback from multiple groups. Plus, you can easily see results through our real-time, fully integrated reporting tools.

Take idea review and evaluation to the next level with additional tools such as:

  • Unlimited custom evaluation forms
  • Automated review notifications
  • Auto-graduation based on review decision
  • Integrated scoring reporting
  • Customized idea reviews, evaluations and feedback modules
  • Surveys
  • Unlimited additional forms for capturing information
Ideation scalability and software security

Enterprise Scalability & Security

Organizing tons of ideas can be tough, especially across distributed teams. HelloIgnite enables you to innovate at scale, regardless of the size of your enterprise. Protecting your ideas can also be a struggle without robust security features. Our built-in security tools such as authentication and encryption protect your critical data.

Uncover & Scale the Brilliant Ideas That Move the Needle

Export idea feature

Export Everything

Everything from user engagement to idea submission data can be shared with ease.

Engagement and stage-gate reporting

Engagement & Stage-Gate Reporting

Monitor ideas from conception to implementation through easy-to-use dashboards and data exports.

Reporting icon

Real-Time Integrated Dashboards

Standard dashboards give you a fully integrated real time view of a program’s status.

Self-service dashboard icon

Advanced, Self-Service Dashboards

When you need to dive in further, power users can take advantage of a fully self-service and robust reporting engine.

Comment and communication icon

Comment & Communicate With Ideators

Ask questions and gain clarity by commenting on ideas and communicating in real-time with your frontline crowd.

From Idea to Funded Initiative

From idea generation and management to business case development, we’re here to help you take brilliant ideas and turn them into business-changing initiatives.

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